I Hate the Internet

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February 10th, 2021 I really do hate the internet sometimes, even if it is a place where I can make friends and really be creative in the form of this site. I hate how many neckbeards are on here, and the weird things they do. The biggest weird thing they do that im going to talk about, is fetishizing asian women. I've seen a lot of stuff, like this weird facebook group called Libertarian Guys with asian wives, and just other weird stuff that creeps made. I really hate this, because it's quite mean and racist. The whole reason that I'm writing this is because there's someone I like that happens to be asian, and all of this makes me feel kind of weird about it. If you do this, STOP right now, because it's weird and makes everyone uncomfortable. Nice job weirdo, you made an 8th grader feel bad for liking the pretty girl that sits in front of him in us history.

Edit: March 17th, 2021 My friend found out who I liked, and promptly called me an asian fetishist for liking her. fml